Kandi Burruss Celebrates The Birthday Of Tamar Braxton

Kandi Burruss Celebrates The Birthday Of Tamar Braxton
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Kandi Burruss is celebrating Tamar Braxton 's birthday. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account in order to mark the event.

'Happy Birthday @tamarbraxton! I hope you are getting your entire life somewhere & having as much fun as we did on the dungeon tour! Good times & positive vibes! Everybody give @tamarbraxton some bday love❤️' Kandi posted.

A follower said: 'Getting her ‘entire life’ somewhere?? Is there anyone able to get their entire life somewhere😩..Such load😩'

Someone else posted this: 'Now @kandi .... where these titties come from? Yassss lol' and a follower said: '@kandi GOD DAMNNNNNN WOMAN...... and not leave you out Ms @tamarbraxton Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎁🎉🎊 love'

One other commenter posted this message: 'Oh goodness gracious❤️ All of this bountiful beauty has me thinking this my birthday gift.'

Tamar Braxton  is celebrating her birthday and she decided that she could open up to fans about all the things that she had to endure back in 2020. Check out her message below.

‘I really played myself this time last year… we were on lockdown and I remember being so broken because I thought that a celebration of me came from the man I loved.. little did I know he was emotionally cheating🙄… I’m so grateful that my 44th celebration around the sun is filled with those who truly love me.. flaws & all, was here when my face actually hit the pavement and I was left homeless. Heartless, jobless and 50 pounds overweight, Tamar captioned her post.

She also said: 'cause he knows that I can do ANYTHING i put my mind to…& my sweet young but down ass pumpkin who is always there for whatever…@mugopus & also @drhollycarter who called me and said This is the Tamar I’ve been waiting for.. now let’s go get your blessings.'


Tamar is trying to recover following a tough 2020.

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