Kandi Burruss Celebrates Shamari DeVoe's Birthday With Gorgeous Pics & A Video - Watch Them Here

Kandi Burruss Celebrates Shamari DeVoe's Birthday With Gorgeous Pics & A Video - Watch Them Here
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Amidst so much drama and sadness in the community, Kandi Burruss tried to make her friend Shamari DeVoe a little happier for her birthday.

She marked the event with a post on her Instagram account, sharing a gorgeous video and pics of her friend.

'I couldn’t let the day end without telling my girl @shamaridevoe Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you had an amazing day today. Here’s a few of the fun moments we’ve shared in the past year. I caught you sleeping on one pic! 🤣 Everybody give Shamari some bday love! 🎂🎁🎊' Kandi captioned her post in which she was gushing over Shamari.

Someone commented: 'Kandi why don't you write a song for Shamari she has a beautiful voice.'

Another follower wished Shamari all the best and posted: 'Happy Birthday Shamari God Bless You With Many More she was sleeping good head thrown back and mouth open that’s that good sleep.'

A follower slammed Kandi for posting one pic of Shamari which they claim doesn't favor her at all:

'@kandi bogus for posting that ugly ass pic of her knowing dam well she looked better. The shade is real!!! @shamaridevoe I hope you have a new makeup artist hunts!!!'

Someone else loves Shamari's presence on RHOA: 'I'm so glad she's on the show now. Just what it needed❤️HBD pretty girl 🎂'

Other than this, it was recently reported that Kandi and Todd Tucker decided to have another baby via surrogate .

But it seems that the RHOA mother had some initial reservations in terms of using a surrogate mom.

She received valuable advice from none other than Andy Cohen. As you know, the host also has a son via surrogacy.

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  • Wanda
    Wanda Feb 24, 2019 2:46 PM PST

    Why is everyone hating on Kandinsky? She's for real straightforward and beautiful! A wonderful mother, wife and songstress and a great entertainer. Damn y'all get off her case and send her some Love! Go Kandinsky girl keep doing what you're doing.

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