Kandi Burruss Celebrates Latasha Wright's Birthday With A Racy Post

Kandi Burruss Celebrates Latasha Wright's Birthday With A Racy Post
Credit: Source: Complex

Kandi Burruss has celebrated her friend, Latasha Wright's birthday. In order to mark the event, she shared a post on her social media account which includes a clip that shows some pretty racy outfits, as you will see below.

'Happy birthday to my beautiful talented sis @latashawright You are an amazing makeup artist, entrepreneur, mommy, and body goals! Hope you lived it up for your day! (That’s her handle but her or maybe messing up)' Kandi captioned the post on IG.


Someone gushed over the first clip and said: 'I love the 1st video! Looks like it’s straight out of a music video 🔥'

Another follower posted 'You and I are alike...we remember everyone birthday,' while someone else gushed over Latasha's figure: 'She is a baddie. Definitely body goals.'

One other commenter wanted to make sure Kandi is feeling just as beautiful as her pal: '@kandi you are just as beautiful as your friend or maybe a little more. You have a great body never feel less.'

A fan said, 'Pic #1 - The exact moment I realized I wanted to be reincarnated into @latashawright.'

Other than celebrating her friends, Kandi has been spending some time with her daughter.

Kandi took Riley Burruss to Tokyo, and they’re having the best time ever. People said that Riley will definitely remember this trip always.

Kandi posted various spics and videos from Tokyo on her social media account in order to document fans and followers with what she and her daughter are doing there.


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  • Kathy Criswell
    Kathy Criswell Jun 3, 2019 11:01 AM PDT

    Kandi you and Cynthia are my favorite's. You always remember others. And you show love to every one. You have not let your money go to your head. Im so happy for you and Todd. I been praying for you girl because i really was tired of crying and seeing you unhappy. Now stay prayerful and always get God first. That's what i would like to see you come speak to the Young ladies here and sing more Gospel.

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