Kandi Burruss Blows People Away With Video Of Genius Son Ace Tucker Talking In Mandarin With His Teacher

Kandi Burruss Blows People Away With Video Of Genius Son Ace Tucker Talking In Mandarin With His Teacher
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Ace Tucker is one impressive little boy -- the young son of diva Kandi Burruss is breaking the Internet and pushing some adults to go back to school to further their education.

The three-year-old son of Todd Tucker is featured in an amazing video where he is counting and having a fascinating exchange with his teacher in Mandarin.

Riley Burruss' baby brother counted with the Chinese instructor and answered several questions in full sentences.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who is very proud of her child, had this to say: "My Ace is acing his mandarin school work! @acewellstucker has been going to an international school for one year & he’s doing great! He’s 3yrs old & I'm so proud of him!"

One person praised Todd and Kandi: "Hold up one min Ace. Feels like you were just born now you up in these streets bilingual. Excellent parenting. Spanish is a good language for Ace to learn too. 👏Todd and these schemes I tell you. They all hit that’s for sure."

Another supporter wrote: "Yessss every child should be learning at least two languages. You’d better learn right along with him. Can’t converse and enforce what u don’t know. 💚"

This fan said in the comment section after viewing the video: "Amazing. That’s awesome! AND he understands what she is saying!!!!! Love it! Speaking that fluently will automatically add 10s of thousands to his salary. Great parenting ❤️❤️"

This mom stated: "He soo bomb I keep watching the video. This is everything. He’s learning so early he has time to learn multiple languages. Your the realest I’m taking notes."

Another woman applauded Ace and his parents: "That is brilliant of you to have him learn the fastest growing or largest business man's language. Mandarin is China's native spoken language along with Cantonese the most spoken and since they are owning everything as of late, you are setting him up for success on many levels!! What other languages are on the list? Great job young man!!!👏👏👏❤️Great job Ace... Question does any of his parents speak that language just asking to find out who will he communicate in the home."

Kandi is thinking about going to law school to become a lawyer after being inspired by Kim Kardashian.

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