Kandi Burruss Believes That Supporting Other Women 'Takes Nothing Away From You'

Kandi Burruss Believes That Supporting Other Women 'Takes Nothing Away From You'
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Kandi Burruss' recent post on her social media account has some of her fans praising the words listed there. The post says that this is Kandi's motto and her followers are here for it.

'My motto: it is more than enough for everyone!' Kandi's post is captioned.

People praised her in the comments section and agreed with her message. Usually, women are envious on one another and instead of being supportive, they get jealous.

A fan said that 'If every woman lived in their own truth there would be no need to hate on anyone. Be the best you don't let life live you; you must live life. Support each other and watch the blessing rain down.'

Another commenter wrote 'Spoken like a Boss Lady that you are. Much Respect to you Kandi!!!!!'

Someone else agreed as well and wrote 'Indeed...so no need for anyone to hate but unfortunately folk do it anyway..congrats to u Kandi u been doing your thing for a very long time.'

A supporter said 'Absolutely. So true Kandi. But jealousy and badmind is alive and well. It's to hard to support a sister for some people. Good over evil every time. 👏👏👏'

Another commenter also had a few ideas about how you can truly help someone: 'Yessss support with an investment, whether it be time, money, a share, or even getting them connected to someone who could do some of those things.'

This came at the perfect timing because Kandi has been recently slammed by some of her followers.

A recent post tells everyone that Kandi is missing her son, Ace Wells Tucker, Chinese New Year’s performance.

That was the moment when some people slammed her for not sticking home enough with her loved ones.

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