Kandi Burruss Attends Sheree Whitfield's Birthday Party

Kandi Burruss Attends Sheree Whitfield's Birthday Party
Credit: Source: bet.com

Kandi Burruss was excited to celebrate Sheree Whitfield's birthday, and she marked the event with a beautiful photo that she shared on social media. It seems that Sheree had a pajama party and we bet it was a lot of fun for the ladies.

'I had to come celebrate with my girl @shereewhitfield for her bday!!! She said pajama party & I showed up in a sweat suit... But I’m here! I couldn’t miss it!' Kandi captioned her photo.

Some fans were not exactly enthusiastic to see the two ladies hanging out together, and they made sure to tell this to Kandi in the comments section.

Someone said 'The bone collector dug her grave cuz they ain’t even let u come back 😭 trouble making self 😭 if she had her hands in her business the way she was in everyone else’s sis should’ve been stirring her finances not shade 😭😭 now look at u back to fashion shows with clothes.'

Another unhappy fan asked 'why is Kandi hanging out with Sheree, is Kandi a hypocrite or what!!!'

But some people were here for Kandi and Sheree's friendship.

For instance, someone said 'Glad to see y’all together again and would luv to see @shereewhitfield back on therealhousewivesofatlanta. Nene is working hard to get Phaedra back.'

Another supporter wrote '@kandi The most important part is you showed up. You’re always at everyone event or party. You’re a good friend to have. ♥️'

Kandi celebrated Sheree's birthday a few days ago as well, and she shared some gorgeous pics. Fans were shocked back then and could not believe that Kandi was friendly to Sheree after the last RHOA reunion.


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