Kandi Burruss Announces Her Special Guest On 'Welcome To The Dungeon' Tour: Tamar Braxton

Kandi Burruss Announces Her Special Guest On 'Welcome To The Dungeon' Tour: Tamar Braxton
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Kandi Burruss has proudly revealed the dates for her tour for her racy show called Welcome to the Dungeon . Now, she's back, and she's telling fans who is her surprise guest, and everyone gets more excited than before.

Check out the announcement that Kandi made.

'I am super excited to announce that one of my Special Guest performers for my #WelcomeToTheDungeon tour is none other than @tamarbraxton!!!! She will be coming with me to all 12 cities to give you an amazing experience that you won’t forget! Make sure to get your tickets now at WelcomeToTheDungeon.com. There will be more special guests to be announced, but I’m just gonna let y’all sit on this one for a while & realize how dope this show/party is gonna be! 🔥🔥🔥 I hope y’all got some good dungeon outfits picked out!' Kandi captioned her post getting her fans and followers all excited.

They were happy to know that Kandi and Tamar are definitely friends again if they also decided to work together.

Someone said 'Umm @kandi I’ve been waiting on this since your first one and my city New Orleans is not listed. Please tell me you’ll be coming soon.'

Another supporter praised Kandi's business strategies and said 'Your business strategies are remarkable. Your “money move “ game is way strong. Lol. 😉I’ll be there when y’all hit NYC!! PS: I ate at the new OLG during MLK’s weekend. I never posted, but I have a pic of my Riley’s dish (shrimp n grits). I have to shout OLG out with a pic of it for throwback Thursday now. 😁'

Tamar made her own announcement on her social media account, and her fans were also really happy and excited to see that these two can be friends again:

'Catch me performing LIVE this summer with my girl @kandi at the Welcome To The Dungeon Show. It’s going to be a show to remember, meet me at the Dungeon in your city! 💋💋💋💋' Tamar wrote.

Someone gushed over the ladies and said: 'This is beautiful. Apologizing..understanding. moving on.'

Will you be going to Kandi's show? What do you think about Tamar being on board?


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