Kandi Burruss And Eva Marcille Had Very Different Reactions To Porsha Williams' Decision To Reconcile With Dennis McKinley After The Cheating Scandal

Kandi Burruss And Eva Marcille Had Very Different Reactions To  Porsha Williams' Decision To Reconcile With Dennis McKinley After The Cheating Scandal
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Real Housewives of Atlanta has a lot of action going on -- there have been break-ups, the arrival of babies, and a few makeups.

After an epic cheating scandal, Porsha Williams decided to forgive Dennis McKinley and they are planning to get married after welcoming their baby daughter, Pilar Jhena, into the world.

While the split had everyone by surprise, a few expected the lovebirds to kiss and makeup, and others are baffled by the reunion.

Porsha’s co-stars, Kandi Burruss and Eva Marcille, had very different reactions to her decision to take Dennis back.

Eva had this to say in a new interview: “I always predicted that they would be back together. My husband’s really good friends with Dennis despite how it looks in the media and how crazy it actually was in real life. He loves her, and I believe that they are meant to be.”

The new mother stated: “And so it was just really funky for a while, and it happened at a time where everyone was able to see it. But I knew that when the dust cleared, and the sun rose, they would be okay.”

Meanwhile, Kandi explained that she was not expecting the new parents to reconcile.

She told Hollywood Life : “It did when it happened, because at first when we started the season, she was so done. But everybody could figure it out, I guess, especially when they have a beautiful baby.”

Kandi also spoke about the wedding plans that Porsha and Dennis had for New Year’s Eve and explained that they might be hitting pause on the lavish event.

She explained: “I think she’s taking her time. I think she’s still trying to work on them as a couple and we’ll see. After I heard what I needed to hear, I got up and stormed out. At that point, I didn’t want to hear anymore because, for me, I had just heard my fiancé say that he actually had sex with someone while I was carrying our child. I didn’t want to hear anything else. There was nothing else I needed to hear, nothing I needed to say. I didn’t need to know the reasons. I didn’t need to know anything else.”

Porsha confessed that she and Dennis were really over, and she even gave him back the 13-carat diamond engagement ring, and he moved out of the home they shared.

Porsha revealed: “I literally wish I could wake up and [have] somebody could be like, ‘It was a dream, it didn’t happen. The movie keeps playing in my head. I keep playing all of these moments. We’re, like, creating a real family, and just to think it wasn’t real is really hurtful.”

Kandi is good at spilling the tea.


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  • Peggy Hunter
    Peggy Hunter Nov 22, 2019 2:35 PM PST

    Nobody really cares it is not going to work already problems. Porsha, pretty but she has low self esteem having all these babies in a bad relationship is not good. He is cheating Hello..not looking forward with this baby thing all over again , take away storyline.

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