Kandi Burruss And Daughter Riley Look Like Sisters As 'RHOA' Star Asks Fans To Make The Teen's Latest Wish Come True

Kandi Burruss And Daughter Riley Look Like Sisters As 'RHOA' Star Asks Fans To Make The Teen's Latest Wish Come True
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Mama bear Kandi Burruss has fans scratching their heads after she posed with her daughter, Riley, in a stunning series of pictures.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her oldest child look like twins in the pictures despite the fact that the teen is now taller than the Xscape star.

In the caption, Kandi asked fans to help her out because Riley wants more followers.

She wrote: "I can’t tell which one is the mom! 😭What’s up with these children these days taller than their parents. My daughter taller than me but no matter what my eyebrows are older than hers. Y’all cute 💖"

Supporters love the fact that Riley keeps blossoming into a wonderful young lady.

A supporter shared: "Look at your baby!! 😍 Who is the daughter and who is the mom. If I weren't a true fan, I would not have known 💛💛just beautiful 😍. You look Amazing, and it truly helps to have a great support system behind you or with you either way. Trying to get in shape you have to want it bad enough to make changes in your diet and your workouts... You look like you have them all. At least you know the struggle and by knowing you can help others... You are a Blessing just like your mother... Have mad respect for you both...I hope you got that shotgun ready for them boys! She is gorgeous."

Another commenter stated: "Tryna figure out which one is the Mother n who is the daughter 😘😘 Looking beautiful yall. Awww so sweet to ask people to follow your baby girl...She look so good @kandi she seems more confident with herself since her weight loss! YAAAAAAAY RILEY is proud of you!!! she looks like a model."

This Instagram user revealed: "Kandi gave birth to her whole self 🤦🏽‍♀️Mommy looking more like a sister.🤗 I'm following now, but you know I don't be knowing what these young kids were talking about 🤣😂The fact that Kandi and I have the same Walmart pants proves to me Kandi and I can kick it any day."

Riley recently blew fans away with the elegant red dress she picked to go to the prom. After high school, the bright teenager is set to become a lawyer, and there is a possibility that her mom inspired by Kim Kardashian might be doing the same thing for the next four years.

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