Kandi Burruss Advises Fans To Do Their Research About The Candidates Before Voting

Kandi Burruss Advises Fans To Do Their Research About The Candidates Before Voting
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Kandi Burruss advised fans to do their research before going to vote. Check out the message that she shared for her fans on social media.

'Please do your research about the candidates on the ballot! You can go to vote411.org to find out who’s on the ballot & other election info. Make sure to spread the word & tell everyone how important it is to vote! “We say the names of those killed by police as we protest and mourn their deaths. But, we do not decide if a crime was committed,' Kandi began her post.

She continued and said: 'The individuals who make the decisions to charge and sentence police officers or who appoint those who make such decisions are ELECTED OFFICIALS such as elected Governors, Mayors, District Attorneys, Solicitors, Judges, Sheriffs. Local and State officials can stop the killing of African Americans.” So VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!'

Someone else said: 'Thank you for your kind words yesterday, Kandi, my sister said thanks you’re so sweet‼️' and another follower posted: 'Thank you but you had me at hey friends looking this beautiful!'

One commenter said: 'If you claim Democrat, in the Primary, you will only see Democratic candidates unless the incumbent is republican and the only one running. Then you will see his/her party. In the General election in November, you will see All the candidates along with their party on your ballot.'

A follower wrote this message: 'We shouldn't be voting based on whether they are Republicans or Democrats anyway.'

Someone else said: 'You either receive a democratic or republican ballot, that's why the question is asked on the form you fill out before you vote. It asks if you are voting Democrat or Republican. I did early voting last week.'

Another commenter wrote: 'This is so important. I always took for granted local elections but they actually can are the most influential for daily life. #vote #blacklivesmatter #makechanges.'

In other news, Kandi wanted to set some things straight regarding the BLM movement and she decided to post the following message.

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