Kandi Burruss Advertises A Weight Loss Product And Tells Her Fans That She's Not Playing With Fake Diets

Kandi Burruss Advertises A Weight Loss Product And Tells Her Fans That She's Not Playing With Fake Diets
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Kandi Burruss shared a photo in which she's advertising a weight loss product. She also makes sure to tell her fans that she's not playing around when it comes to diets and such products.

Check out her recent post that she shared on her IG account.

'You all know I don't play around with fake diets or gimmicks, and I'm so happy to be a #teamipartner right now. The @teamiblends detox has saved my butt since I've been traveling so much and DEFINITELY not eating healthy. My schedule wears me down, and generally was just feeling not myself. Our environment and processed foods have so many toxins that it takes a toll on my body, and I feel SO good after my detox, like a brand new body with a ton of energy. I highly recommend you give it a try and see how you feel! Use code KANDI20 for 20% off yours! #thankyouteami,' Kandi captioned her post.

Somopene said: 'No more ads from these companies, and they LOVE using people with a blue checkmark and lots of followers...marketing is a hustle, doesn't mean it works.'

Another commenter posted: 'I’ve done their 30-day detox 3 times. More energy (especially in the morning) and some weight loss. That’s all in conjunction with my 30 minute daily workouts 😉'

Somoene else said: '@kandi okay the tea does work especially for bloating ‘also to curve Your appetite I don’t know if you guys have a feel rite there It’s a protein shake called (Fit)All natural no animal products and doesn’t taste bad

A follower posted '@kandi I love that u endorse people products on healthy eating. But I must tell you from experience that the only way to save yourself from this polluted food, hibrid vegetables, cloned animals, and processed to last weeks and months on the shelf, is what's killing us slowly. '

The same follower continued and said: 'Question for you is what happens when Detoxing no longer is effective. Detoxing is like putting on a bandaid. Once u cover up the wounded area, u sooth the pain. However, once u take it off, you feel the pain all over again. Why not just stop putting what's breaking us down in our systems period.'

Kandi was in the spotlight recently after she revealed that NeNe has been making efforts to try and get along with her co-stars in the season 12 of the TV series.

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