Kandi Burruss Addresses The Latest RHOA Episode In Her New 'Speak On It' Video

Kandi Burruss Addresses The Latest RHOA Episode In Her New 'Speak On It' Video
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Last night, another RHOA episode aired, and Kandi Burruss addressed it on her YouTube series called Speak On It. Check out the video that she already shared on her YouTube channel here.

'It’s Sunday! So you know that means #RHOA came on & I’ve just dropped my #SpeakOnIt about the episode. Go check it out on my Youtube #KandiOnline 🗣' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone gushed over the show and said: 'I love speak on it. It’s literally the thing I watch as soon as the episode ends and it’s posted. I still have so many questions hopefully the next few episodes will start to answer them.'

One other YouTube commenter posted: 'Yovanna was shady the first time she was asked at Marlo's event. Her first response was to ask a question instead of "yes" or "no". When you answer a question with a question...💩😳'

Someone else brought up Eva Marcille: 'Like I always said Eva was just trying to insert herself into drama with Nene when it wasn't anything there at all. How can you get mad with Nene for having a microphone on. Eve wanted a moment to be relevant on the show. Period.'

A commenter posted: 'I wish all of y’all had your own channel, this way y’all can give your opinion freely and not have to force your fans to rely on shady editing. We get exactly how y’all are feeling and not have to wait til the reunion and piece things together. We love you Kandi❤️❤️'

Someone else brought up NeNe Leakes and said: 'I'm glad Kandi is calling bull on some of the fallouts with nene I know every season needs a bad guy to attack but some of the beefs are just tired old and weren't that serious.'

In other news, the other day, Kandi posted an emotional photo on her IG account with the US troops.

You are probably aware of the massive tensions between the US and Iran these days, and the RHOA star marked this terrible situation with a message and a photo on her social media account.

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