Kandi Burruss Addresses The Important Topic Of Surrogacy

Kandi Burruss Addresses The Important Topic Of Surrogacy
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Kandi Burruss took a break from posting all kinds of funny videos and pics and she's addressing an important issue for all women: surrogacy. Check out her post on IG below.

'This is an important topic to me personally. Luckily I live in Atlanta but I would love to see families in NYC have the same rights as I do when it comes to #Surrogacy. @NYGovCuomo has been steadfast in his support of #ModernFamiliesNY! Join him in urging the legislature to pass @bradhoylman's & @amypaulin’s #ChildParentSecurityAct before the end of this session!' Kandi posted.

As expected, people started an intense debate on the subject in the comments section.

Someone said, 'To clarify this.. if the surrogate does not live in New York and the birth is not in New York then the laws of the surrogates state applies. E.g. if I lived in Atlanta and was having the baby in Atlanta but was going to give the baby to a couple in New York then this is fine because Georgia law applies to me... but if I lived in New York then that's where the illegal part comes in. Surrogacy for compensation is what's illegal there. You can do an uncompensated surrogacy.. that is legal but if it's not a family member or friend then I don't see a stranger being ok with being uncompensated.'

Another follower posted: 'As a 3-time surrogate, you would be surprised at the states that are against it. NJ just passed it. They will allow abortion but will not allow surrogacy. Completely ignorant to me.'

One commenter was also shocked and said: 'You can abort a 40-week old baby in New York but no surrogacy? Backwards.'

Someone else wrote: 'I never heard of New York being against surrogacy. That’s actually weird to hear that especially after knowing that they have surrogacy offices in New York.'

As you may know by now, Kandi and Todd Tucker will also be parents again via surrogacy.

What's your opinion on the matter?

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