Kandi Burruss Addresses Porsha Williams' Fiance Drama And Kenya Moore's Return On RHOA

Kandi Burruss Addresses Porsha Williams' Fiance Drama And Kenya Moore's Return On RHOA
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Kandi Burruss knows that the RHOA season 11 trailer left a lot of question marks for fans. She says that there is nothing to worry about, as reported by ET Online.

'I guess they're trying to save a lot for the fans,' she tells ET. 'Cause I know it was a lot more juicy things that happened that I felt like, OK. Well, maybe they didn't want to give it all to you in a trailer.'

When the trailer got out a lot of people on Twitter wondered what will happen this season. The trailer showed a lot of moments, but it did not reveal any significant plots.

'I mean, when I tell you a lot of things happened even after they released the trailer, 'cause you know we were still taping,' Kandi also said. 'It's been a lot to happen in just the last two weeks, OK?'

This included Eva Marcille’s wedding, Porsha Williams’ gender reveal party, a sex dungeon-themed party thrown by Kandi and more because these are only the public events.

'My last day of taping for this season was Saturday night, and people were crying,' Kandi said. 'We bring the drama naturally. We don't have to try.'

'This season is gonna be totally different, especially totally different from the last couple of seasons,' she said.

'The drama is different. It's not the 'mean girl drama.' You know, it's a lot of personal issues that are going on this season that people are dealing with, life-changing things,' Kandi said as reported by ET Online.

Kandi also addressed Porsha Williams-related drama with her new boyfriend and baby daddy, Dennis McKinley. 'I don't want to hurt her in any way, you know? Especially while she's carrying a new baby,' she said.

Kandi also said that Kenya Moore will be making an appearance as well.

Anyway, don't miss the RHOA season 11 debut today!


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  • Gerry Dunn
    Gerry Dunn Nov 4, 2018 10:11 AM PST

    Can’t bear another episode of RHOA, until Bravo insists Kandi B. take a fundamental grammar course! And then to add “fuel to the fire,” give her a show of her own! I like a little “spice” as much as the next person, but 20 minutes into her show....click and OFF! And we wonder what on earth gives men the idea, “women are here for the plucking.” Bravo (Andy Cohen) you ARE a “double standard” guy!

  • Tresmum
    Tresmum Nov 4, 2018 7:11 AM PST

    I will not be watching RHOA this season until Kenya' scene comes on.

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