Kandi Burruss Addresses A Recent Online Scam

Kandi Burruss Addresses A Recent Online Scam
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Kandi Burruss just addressed a recent online scam. Check out the post here.

'A few people have reached out to me saying they received emails from someone pretending to be me. That is fraud! It is not me. I have not sent any emails asking for people to give money to me or anything. This is fraud season! Do not allow these frauds to get over on you.'

A fan said: 'If you’re reading this and you follow Kandi please remove your email from your contact information on your Instagram page!'

One other follower said: 'And really think. Use your brain, why would Kandi be emailing people directly asking for money??? Think.'

A follower said: 'I got this msg too. Will take a picture. Terrible. Great you're addressing this Kandi,' and a commenter posted this: 'I would never believe that a big time celebrity is emailing little ole me but that's just me.'

Someone else said; 'That happened to me but it was someone pretending to be the game,' and a commenter posted this: 'Thank you cause they post to Be Halle Berry Shemar Moore n Stephanie Mills Johnny Gill Angelina Jolie watch for those scammers.'

A follower said: 'Thank you. Hackers are so prevalent this season! Thanks for addressing this. So many stars DO NOT HELP fans by disclaiming the posts and so called contests. It’s criminal. @kandi THANK YOU! #1NYFan.'

Someone else said: 'This is why I love you @kandi! You really care and want people to know about these scammers. I know better so it won't be me. To think as wealthy as you are if you were seeking money it would be for charity or to give back to the community. It would also be you giving us a platform or link like cash app to voluntarily donate. I don't know why people fall for these scams.'

Kandi Burruss   told her fans and followers that her son, Ace Wells Tucker, will become a rapper. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account below.

'Somebody gonna be making beats soon! @acetucker is ready!' Kandi said.

Someone else posted this message: 'It’s like we blinked and he went from baby to big boy!' and a fan wrote this: 'The apple don't fall too far from the tree. He will have a album eventually.'


A commenter said: 'That’s 2 cute. U got ur own lil beat! We gonna have 2 put somebody voice 2 dat,' and a follower said: 'All he gotta do now is get the migos on that beat! Producer Credit coming his way!'

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