Kandi Burrus Releases A New Speak On It Episode - Check It Out Here

Kandi Burrus Releases A New Speak On It Episode - Check It Out Here
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Kandi Burruss just released a new Speak on It episode, and you can check it out below. RHOA resumed just the other day as well.

'#RHOA is back tonight & you know what that means?! We got a new episode of #SpeakOnIt tonight with my girl @cynthiabailey! on my Youtube #KandiOnline,' Kandi said on IG.

Someone else said: 'Very nice. Happy holiday to you and your family,' and one other follower posted this: 'Something is off with this cast. Seeing Marlo without nene is a little strange since I looked at her as nenes waterboy. But it just feels like a football game without a quarterback.'

A commenter said: 'Sorry, Kandi. Can’t view you on Bravo until the Network addresses their Mariah Nene and Monique issues! Miss Me 👍🏾.'

Somoene else said: 'Damn I gotta catch up. I’ve been so busy I forgot this for on. Thanks for the reminder.'

On YouTube, someone said: 'Kenya pressed Cynthia for a prenup to save her from what she's going through. It's a natural reaction of a friend.'

Someone else said: 'I love the friendship between Kandi and Cynthia they both have good hearts, and both are humble ❤.'

A follower posted this: 'So Drew had a conversation with Cynthia and shaded Kenya. So most likely Cynthia advised Kenya of what Drew said about her being older and whatever else Drew said. So Kenya probably was like I have my eyes 👀 on you now and will shade you every time. So that could be it.'

A commenter poted this: 'I love that Cynthia took this moment to show Kandi some love, she seems to be such a great friend and an authentic person. I hated seeing on this show how two folks she showed so much love to, Phaedra and Porsha, used and abused her friendship.'

Just the other day, it's been revealed that Kandi Burruss  is wished her BFF  Sheree Whitfield a happy birthday with a really funny post. Check it out.


‘Happy Birthday, @shereewhitfield!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day today living your best life! This pic was us being silly at a photoshoot. #FunTimes Everybody give @shereewhitfield some bday love! 🎂🎈🎉❤️’ Kandi captioned her post.

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