Kandi Burrus Is Not Featured On Epic New Song 'Dream Killa' With Tamika Scott And Other Xscape Divas

Kandi Burrus Is Not Featured On Epic New Song 'Dream Killa' With Tamika Scott And Other Xscape Divas
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"Dream Killa" is a hot new song that was released by Xscape, and Kandi Burrus is not featured on it, and the lyrics are pure fire.

Sunday evening, the legendary R&B group known as Xscape composed of Burruss, LaTocha Scott, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, and Tamika Scott unveiled a song after an 18-year hiatus.

The baby-making tune titled "Dream Killa" debuted on social media as the finale of their hit reality show, Still Kickin’ It , aired on Bravo last night.

The beat was put together by Grammy award-winning producer Tricky Stewart who had previewed the song a few weeks ago while on Instagram live and fans of Xscape fans went into a frenzy.

The song that features vocals from LaTocha, Tiny, and Tamika talks about those haters, naysayers, and lovers who are nothing but dream killers.

Tiny's voice is sweet and seductive as she sang: "You can tell me no that's not the way it goes if you don't want it to be a scene, Cuz you know what it does every time it was us, but somehow you just want to play games. Sometimes I think of loss confusing it with love, but I'm hoping that you change."

Tiny, who debuted the single, wrote: "New music “Dream Killer” out Dec 1st on @Spotify & all digital outlets #Xscape produced by @trickystewart. Tonight is the season finale of Still Kickin It already!! Hope you enjoyed the first three episodes. You don’t wanna miss this last one tho! If you’re not in DC rocking with us at The Great Xscape Tour do us a favor & tune in to @bravotv tonight at 9 pm!! Thanks to everyone for the love & support you have shown our group!! Sending nothing but love back!!!"

Fans love the slow jam but are confused as to why Burruss no longer wants to record new music with the other divas.

One commenter said: "Kandi is not going to be on the new album, that is why she is not on the tour bus photo. The song is hot; I love it. All I can say is fire they did that. To be honest, I think Kandi will come around and maybe do a song or 2 with them. They all look so happy on stage!"

Another stated: "Yea I guess. The whole thing is crazy. They sound better without Kandi lol. U can't fault the three girls for wanting to continue what they love; nobody forced anyone out of the group....I think the trio sounds nice on Dream Killa & I can't wait to $upport."

A third individual claimed: "I never faulted anyone not said anyone was forced out. Those are your words. We still support EnVogue even tho it’s not the same. Don't think they've officially released it yet, (sounds like they're still working on the track) I love it."

Do you like the new song?

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  • Shelly
    Shelly Dec 1, 2017 1:34 PM PST

    Tiny has a name for herself, stop focusing on Kandi.

  • Shatera83
    Shatera83 Dec 1, 2017 12:26 PM PST

    Sorry kandi I love you and all, but the song is damn good, they don’t need kandi name, their names are good enough they are Xscape, it’s time for just the 3 to keep the legacy going since kandi doesn’t want any part of it!!! Y’all sound bomb as usual kandi not on the song didn’t change NADA!!!!

  • Tina Pittman
    Tina Pittman Nov 27, 2017 9:47 AM PST

    Please leave Kandi out. No arguing and now they can do their dance moves whats every one wants to see. Kandi is just like her mother want someone to beg her. They sound much better without her. She can't sing nor dance bye.

  • lashon chance
    lashon chance Nov 27, 2017 4:38 AM PST

    there was sum shade there.....

  • Xhaleonce
    Xhaleonce Nov 27, 2017 3:57 AM PST

    Kandi, I'm going to sum this up in one word "leave"... The girls want you in the group for one reason ...your name . I think by having you back (half way in) your name along carries big weight for the group. Now the 3 ladies made a new song without and to top it off a tour bus with a pic of the 3 bears...oh hell no.....that's the straw that broke MY back!!!!! ? ?

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