Kandi Burrus Introduces Fans To The Person Who Pushed Her To Submit Her Name For The RHOA Show

Kandi Burrus Introduces Fans To The Person Who Pushed Her To Submit Her Name For The RHOA Show
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Kandi Burruss celebrated the birthday of one of her Scorpio pals, and with this occasion, she recalled submitting her name for the RHOA show which lots of people adore these days. Derek Jae is the one who insisted back then. Take a look at Kandi's post to see her story.

'Happy birthday to my very fashionable Scorpio friend @derekjhair! People don’t understand how far back we go. I remember when you first told me you wanted to submit my name for #RHOA. I told you I was already doing something else & I couldn’t do that show & you told me “they need somebody who’s got their own money so I’m gonna tell them to call you anyway”.... ?. Well I guess you knew better for me than I knew for myself at that time. I love You boo! Everybody give @derekjhair some love! ???❤️' Kandi captioned her post which includes more pics and a video with Derek.

'"They need somebody who's got their own money" and he was Kim's wig stylist at the time so you know who that shade was for ???' someone noted, laughing their heart out.

Another follower posted 'He always had a genuine aura he needs to be on somebody’s tv cause he was fun fun.'

Someone else wished Kandi's pas all the best: 'Happy birthday @derekjhair u are are real true soul...its been along time since u did the hair show on oxygen glad to see u.... love u @kandi.'

Another commenter told Kandi that she's the perfect woman that RHOA needed back then: 'You are so what they needed girl, and you met your husband. You really owe him!! Lol.'

Kandi has been in the spotlight recently after she announced that she and Todd Tucker found a surrogate for their baby girl.

She recently shared 'Yeah, yeah, we’re moving forward. We’ve decided we wanted to … get a surrogate. We did find someone, and right now we are in the process — you know it hasn’t been done — but we’re in the process.'


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