Kaley Cuoco makes us doubt season 11 from The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco makes us doubt season 11 from The Big Bang Theory
Source: USA Today

This week Kaley Cuoco made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel on his Live show. On September 12 she was a guest on his show and talked about the season 10 of "The Big Bang Theory". Honestly, many people were freaked out by the fact that she mentioned that it is possible for the show to end here. She said that there might not even be a season 11, to fans' regret and sadness.

Kaley Cuoco, now aged 30, says that she didn't even realise when time passed by so fast. She says that she was 21 when they started filming for it and now she's 30. Also, she jokingly added that while the guys still look the same, she had to struggle for 9 years to look as young as possible.

Even though the show continues to be the top comedy on network TV, Kaley declared that a future season 11 means a lot of costs for many people, so we can't know for sure whether we'll get one more season after this one.

Though it may seem a futile reason, truth is that the actors do cost the producers a lot of money. Kaley, Jim Parsons (aged 43) and Johnny Galecki (aged 41) are paid with $1 million each for a regular season of 24 episodes. This is really a lot of money if you think about it! However, their contracts expire after season 10 and it remains to be seen if they will continue with the show. Most likely they will want to get a raise if they renew their agreements with the producers, which will further raise the costs.

Besides the TV show, Kaley Cuoco also talked about her passion for horse jumping and she revealed that she is even participating in competitions. She says that it's a part of her she cannot quit, but that she keeps her identity secret in that world, due to obvious reasons.


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