Kaitlynn Carter Reveals How 'Naive' She Was About Miley Cyrus Romance

Kaitlynn Carter Reveals How 'Naive' She Was About Miley Cyrus Romance
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Kaitlynn Carter, Miley Cyrus' short-lived fling, recently came out to say that she learned a lot from the brief relationship. People Magazine picked up on an episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, in which the 31-year-old spoke with Whitney Port via Instagram Live.

According to Carter, she wasn't expecting her fling to get so much attention from the mainstream press, however, as most know, Miley was just coming out of her marriage with Liam Hemsworth. Kaitlynn claims she thought her life would simply go back to normal once she stopped hanging around Miley; she had no plan.

Carter said she was surprised to see paparazzi following her when she visited a friend's bar. She was even more surprised when the media published headlines that said she was "partying with a mystery man," when really, she was just hanging out with a friend.

"I was just so mortified," Carter stated, before going on to add that the narrative surrounding her life and how the media was reporting on it was not true at all. She said it was a "wake-up" call for her. With all that said, it was a big learning experience.

She learned the importance of carefully curating one's image in the media. The reality star claimed her previous way of going about one's life was just to live it, and not worry about what other people were saying about her.

However, when you're in the media headlines every other day, how one presents themself becomes more of a pressing matter. Furthermore, her social media account had been created slowly over time and many of her followers were people who were part of a community.

But with added fame, pressure, and added followers who normally wouldn't know who she was, the social media world she created changed and it was a lot of pressure she wasn't ready for. Carter admitted she was "naive," and the idea that she could be so careless and "nonchalant" about it was just ill-informed.

As it was previously reported, Carter and Miley were hooking up right around the same time as both of them were going through high profile breakups. Kaitlynn had just broken up with Brody Jenner and Miley had just ended a 10-year relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

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