Kaitlynn Carter Reacts To Fan Comment About Making Miley Cyrus ‘Happy’

Kaitlynn Carter Reacts To Fan Comment About Making Miley Cyrus ‘Happy’
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Without any words, Kaitlynn Carter was able to say a lot about her relationship with Miley Cyrus! That’s how social media works sometimes! When one fan raved over how happy she seems to be making Miley, Kaitlynn liked it, suggesting she appreciates the support and even that she might agree!

Without a doubt, the pics in which they are shown kissing while on their Italy trip make them look very happy together!

While some were upset about it since their romance started after their respective breakups, they still got some support and that is always appreciated.

Amid cheating speculations, and just bitterness from shippers of the old two couples that came undone for this one to come together, one fan’s positive words in particular grabbed Kaitlynn’s attention and she could not help but heart it!

Under one of her Kaitlynn’s posts, the supporter sweetly wrote: ‘Just wanted to let you know that you don’t deserve all of this hate from people who claim to be Miley’s ‘fans’! You and Miley have every right to do whatever you want! If you make Miley happy then I like you! Miley’s happiness and mental health's all that matters.’

This comes after Kaitlynn and Miley were seen reunited back in Los Angeles following their PDA pics at Lake Como.

At the time, Miley was behind the wheel while her girlfriend was in the passenger seat.

They were driving around the city and chatting, the paparazzi catching them on camera mid-conversation.

Whether you support them or not, that is not important since it’s their lives and they can do whatever they want!

The point is, they do seem pretty happy together. Do you think they are going to last?

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