Kaitlynn Carter Opens Up In First Interview Since Brody Jenner Split With Pal Whitney Port

Kaitlynn Carter Opens Up In First Interview Since Brody Jenner Split With Pal Whitney Port
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Kaitlynn Carter is speaking out for the first time since her split from Brody Jenner and pictures of her kissing Miley Cyrus surfaced.

The reality TV star didn't choose a high-profile magazine or TV show to get candid about certain life events. She decided to talk to her good friend Whitney Port, on the latest episode of her podcast With Whit . The two ladies have known each other for years and were friends before Carter joined her ex-Jenner on The Hills: New Beginnings .

Port did a live taping of her super-popular podcast on Thursday at The Grove. It is not clear if the interview was scheduled before Carter's personal life blew up. One thing was for sure though Port treaded lightly with her friend.

There was no mention of Carter's recent scandal with Cyrus, but the two friends did chat about Carter's life with Jenner. The main topic was how the couple ended up on the MTV revival that made a Jenner a household name.

"So, we originally thought, I don't know, it seemed like kind of a crazy idea for Brody to be back on TV and for me to be on there in the first place cause it's not really my comfort zone. But then I also thought, the decision really was about whether for us we'd be able to spend more time together. Because he was always on the road DJ-ing and I was always on the road for work with Foray. And so, this was like a project to do together," Carter said.

The 30-year-old also revealed Spencer Pratt had been trying to convince Carter and Jenner to do a revival for two years. She also admitted life on the reality TV show was a lot dirtier than the blonde beauty had initially expected.

"It got a little dirtier than I was expecting, like with Spencer, you know him, and I don't really click anymore. But it's weird because we did, for so long, right? So I think that's the only person I would say," Carter admitted.

Kaitlyn Carter did not mention her split from Brody Jenner or relationship with Miley Cyrus in her podcast interview with Whitney Port. Since the two are friends, Port took it easy on her friend. Fans won't get any juicy answers.

It was her first public interview since her marriage broke up, but Carter is navigating all the drama in her life by keeping it close to her heart. She is not speaking out on all the chaos that has imploded her life the past couple of weeks.


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