Kaitlyn Bristowe Clarifies Those Jason Tartick Split Rumors - Are They Over?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Clarifies Those Jason Tartick Split Rumors - Are They Over?
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Amid rumors about their relationship status, Kaitlyn Bristowe , made it very clear that she and Jason Tartick are still very much together! This comes after she accidentally sparked split rumors on social media!

Check out what the Bachelor Nation star had to say!

There have been some reports that Kaitlyn Bristowe is 'single AF' but you should not believe them!

The former Bachelorette celeb took to her IG Stories the other day to address a previous post of hers that featured her pet dogs, Ramen and Pinot.

While the pups were adorable, some fans could still not be distracted from the mural in the background that showed conversation hearts, one of them reading 'Single AF.'

Seeing this, many started to speculate that it was a subtle reference to the fact that she and Bachelor Nation alum Jason Tartick are over!

The two have been seeing each other since 2018.

As mentioned before, however, it was all a big misunderstand and the two lovers are still very much together!

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram Stories, the reality TV celeb told her followers that: 'So I posted a pic and in the background it said 'Single AF' and I did not even notice. So people thought that it was hinting towards something, but it is not. So I put on my Stories that if you zoom out, it also says 'Engaged AF,' basically to say do not take it seriously. So now people think I am engaged, and they think I am single.'

She went on to turn to Jason, who was just out of frame, and ask him:

So, Jason, are we engaged?' to which he responded with a simple 'No' before she continued by also asking him if they are 'broken up.'

The same answer came and she then asked him if they are happy.


A very clear 'yes' could be heard and the former banker then started to sing Happy Together by The Turtles. There you have it, folks!


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