Kailyn Lowry’s Third Baby Daddy Slams Her On Social Media For Claiming He Abandoned Her And The Baby!

Kailyn Lowry’s Third Baby Daddy Slams Her On Social Media For Claiming He Abandoned Her And The Baby!
Source: sheknows.com

Kailyn Lowry has been slamming her third baby daddy for abandoning her and the unborn child, but it looks like he’s finally had enough!

Recently, Chris Lopez took to social media to tell his side of the story!

In fact, the Teen Mom star is yet to confirm the identity of the man who impregnated her, but that didn’t stop her from revealing details about their relationship.

“I think I’m most worried about the changes ahead, but also that I will have this baby 24/7 by myself with no help,” the reality TV star wrote on her personal blog.

Also, she also slammed the third mystery baby daddy in a series of ambiguous tweets!

“Cut out those toxic to you & you’ll see what you’ve been missing out on,” Lowry posted.

Late on she also retweeted that “If the person you are with is not your #1 fan, recruit one of the regulars in your iMessages.”

Now, Lopez, who is the alleged father decided to fire back at Lowry!

The man stated that instead of “beefing” with her he chose to give her some space instead, adding that he has no more strength in him when it comes to friendships and relationship so she “can go” if so she wishes.

Later on, he also retweeted about the fact that people turn into enemies when you don’t do what they want.

Of course, it is not official that Lopez is Lowry’s baby daddy but judging by their cryptic social media beef, he most probably is.

Their posts seem to be addressed to each other.

Besides, fans speculate Chris is the father because Lowry once mentioned the name in an Instagram live video and also posted a picture showing her bump with the caption: “Baby Lo.”

Meanwhile, Lopez once mentioned his “miracle child” in a now deleted tweet.

Kailyn is due this summer! Do you think Chris Lopez’s tweets are meant to throw shade at Lowry?


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