Kailyn Lowry’s Boys ‘Adore’ Her New Lover: She Hasn’t Been ‘This Happy’ In Years

Kailyn Lowry’s Boys ‘Adore’ Her New Lover: She Hasn’t Been ‘This Happy’ In Years
Source: people.com

Kailyn Lowry and her three sons couldn’t be any happier with the reality TV star’s new girlfriend Dominique Potter in their lives.  We have learned that the 25-year-old Teen Mom celeb and her kids are enjoying every single moment they spend in Dominique’s company.

Sources have revealed that Lowry introduced her kids to Potter just in time for the winter holidays!

‘Kailyn’s super excited for the holidays this year—she and Dominique plan to go all out with a gigantic tree, loads of presents and a huge meal. This is the first Christmas that Kailyn has looked forward to in ages, and that is totally down to Dominique. They have such an amazing relationship—maybe it is because they were friends for such a long time before falling in love—they make each other laugh all the time, they have fun together, and they rarely disagree on anything,’ one insider dished.

It really sounds like the two women are a match made in heaven!

Kailyn and Dominique were best of friends for about a year before they were involved romantically.

About a couple of weeks ago, Lowry opened up about their relationship.

The insider went on to say that even though the two are yet to really discuss their future together, considering how great they are together, it’s hard to believe they won’t be ‘together forever!’

‘Kailyn and Dominique balance each other out perfectly, they make an awesome team, and the kids absolutely adore her. Kailyn has not been this happy and content in years, she feels loved and cherished, and she thanks her lucky stars each and every day for having Dominique in her life,’ another source stated.

After failed relationships with her three baby daddies, we are glad Lowry is finally happy! Do you think it's going to last?


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  • Cynthia Kelly
    Cynthia Kelly Nov 30, 2017 1:58 PM PST

    I don't think Kailyn knows the meaning of loyalty, it seems as soon as she's comfortable in one relationship and the person is in love with her she looks for the next best thing or person to conquer, when she left Joe and was in her own place and was saying that guy and he loved her she cheated and had sex with Joe, when Havi was off making a living and doing his job and forefilling his obligation to the military she cheated on him while he was gone, she knew who she was marrying, but she had started treating him like crap before he even got called to duty, that's what she does, she gets bored and cheats, and she'll do it again because she's still young...

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