Kailyn Lowry Says She's 'Comfortable' While In Toxic Relationships - Here's Why!

Kailyn Lowry Says She's 'Comfortable' While In Toxic Relationships - Here's Why!
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The Teen Mom star has looked deep inside of her and now understands why she’s much more comfortable in unhealthy relationships than she should! Here’s what Kailyn Lowry learned about herself with the help of her therapist podcast co-host.

As fans know all too well, Lowry is definitely used to love problems.

After all, her failed relationships have all been documented by the MTV cameras and aired on Teen Mom for the world to see.

During the latest episode of her podcast Coffee Convos with co-host Kati Morton, Kailyn looked back at some of her past mistakes in the love department and realized that there are certain patterns!

‘I don't want to be in a good, healthy relationship and then ultimately leave them or treat them like s**t to go back to the same person, so I'm scared,’ Kailyn shared with her co-host.

The therapist noted that ‘You're really comfortable in unhealthy relationships.’

The Teen Mom celeb proceeded to ask why that is and Kati explained that it’s just because it feels ‘familiar’ to her!

Kailyn went on to explain that ‘Anytime I've dated someone that was healthy, I was like…’

‘It's boring,’ Morton finished her sentence and Kailyn completely agreed.

The mom of three boys stated that ‘I don't know how to accept the nice things that they do, so it made me very uncomfortable...how do I even accept this or say thank you?’

As far as Morton is concerned, the reality TV star needs to start believing herself that she’s worthy of a healthy relationship.

Lowry dished that ‘It's like I have to talk myself into wanting it.’

So what is Morton’s advice? - Go on a number of different dates without dating one person at a time so she doesn’t get too into ‘this [kind of] ride’ which Kailyn admitted she likes.

But the therapist explained that she can totally have ‘rides’ that are also healthy.

She then encouraged Kailyn to be ‘bored’ in her next relationship but then manage to find a different kind of excitement!

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