Kailyn Lowry Says She Wants To Foster Kids In The Future - Here's Why!

Kailyn Lowry Says She Wants To Foster Kids In The Future - Here's Why!
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Kailyn Lowry revealed that she wants even more kids in her life in the future! The mother of three boys may just have one more baby of her own at some point but what she really wants is to also foster some.

The Teen Mom star was on the Coffee Convos podcast when she opened up about her plans to expand her family.

Chatting with her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, Kailyn revealed that ‘I was having a conversation with someone else and I just think that I want more kids, but whether I carry them on my own or not, it is not important to me. I have done it three times and I just, I really could picture myself maybe fostering some siblings at that to keep them and then keep them together. And then hopefully the foster would lead to their adoption.’

‘I would not have to go through the pregnancies or anything like that and be hard on my body in that way. I do not know how true this is and anyone who is listening, you can message me and tell me I am wrong, but I would imagine that it is harder to find homes for older kids than it is for babies,’ the reality TV star added.

She is so serious about the idea that it is something she and her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez have discussed.

While it sounds like their chat about it went nowhere in the end, Kailyn is still thinking of fostering kids in the future although she was confused as to how to go about it.

The process is definitely not easy but if this is really what the Teen Mom star decides, she can get her wish, without a doubt!

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