Kailyn Lowry Says Jenelle Evans Needs To ‘Clean Her Act Up’ As Their Feud Continues

Kailyn Lowry Says Jenelle Evans Needs To ‘Clean Her Act Up’ As Their Feud Continues
Credit: Source: popculture.com

During a new interview, Kailyn Lowry talked about her feud with Jenelle Evans that doesn’t seem to be at its end. In fact, the Teen Mom co-stars would most likely make up if only Jenelle cleaned ‘her act up!’

Lowry told HollywoodLife that she would rather not even be ‘associated with’ Evans until then!

As fans know, the two women have been at odds for years, but their bad blood got worse in 2019!

It seems like Jenelle’s mom Barbara joking about killing Kailyn caused the relationship to get even colder.

Lowry told HollywoodLife that she would no longer film any episodes unless something was done about that.

Regardless, she did not even receive an apology but apparently, she didn’t care much about them saying sorry anyway!

‘I don’t think it would be sincere. I do not think it would come from a sincere place, I believe it would just come because they were made to,’ she explained to the news outlet.

When asked where exactly they stand now, Lowry made it clear that she does not have ‘a relationship with Jenelle at all’ – in fact, they are not even on speaking terms!

And while she would love to put even more distance between her and Jenelle, Kailyn doesn’t anticipate her exit from Teen Mom.

‘Hopefully, Jenelle cleans her act up, and we don’t have to worry about being associated with her,’ Kailyn said, however.

Furthermore, she revealed that when her husband allegedly attacked her, Kailyn tried to help.

‘Despite the drama Jenelle and I have, I had reached out to her, I tweeted it, I also reached out to our executive producer, Larry, to see if everything was fine. I did not get a response from anybody. So I just leave them and their situation alone because it is none of my business.’

Still, Kailyn noted that she hopes Jenelle and her kids ‘are safe.’


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