Kailyn Lowry Savagely Claps Back At Troll Dissing Baby Lux’s Longer Hair - Check Out The Cute Pic!

Kailyn Lowry Savagely Claps Back At Troll Dissing Baby Lux’s Longer Hair - Check Out The Cute Pic!
Credit: Source: intouchweekly.com

A troll on social media decided it was a good idea to criticize Kailyn Lowry for not cutting her youngest son’s hair! However, they might have regretted their mom-shaming when the Teen Mom star fired back in a super savage way.

Why would people even think it’s Okay to slam a baby’s looks?

While that will forever be a mystery, it just happened to Kailyn when someone begged her to cut one year old son Lux’s longer locks.

The reality TV star’s response? - ‘Kiss my a**!’

A simple and to the point – and really savage answer from the mother of three.

Not to mention that it was general therefore could be used to clap back at any hater or mom-shamer commenting negative things on her platforms.

It all started when Lowry shared with her Instagram followers a pic of her with her three sons on Lincoln’s birthday.

The boy turned five years old and celebrated with an Avengers themed party.

‘I feel like she must have wanted a daughter,’ someone commented under the adorable pic, referring to the youngest of the bunch.

Someone else also added: ‘He always looks so messy.’

Seriously, has anyone asked for these people’s opinions?

And this is not even the first time someone hated on the baby’s hair!

Previously, one user wrote that Lux ‘looked like a girl’ and Kailyn made sure to clap back then as well!

The woman tweeted: ‘I don’t tell people to tape your mouth shut cause you’re ignorant. Do not tell me what to do with my children.’

The mother of three never holds back when people attack her children.

Not to mention that baby Lux is adorable with his long hair! Such a pretty baby!

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  • Thomas Sawyer
    Thomas Sawyer Nov 14, 2018 7:52 PM PST

    God help us...this is what we've come to. We celebrate teen preganancy out of wedlock, we applaude gay and transgender people, we encourge bi-racial marriage, and half the population prefers Socialism over Capitalism. The ship of state is sinking and all we can do is applaud the diversity of the passenger list. What a stupid and short -sighted concept.

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