Kailyn Lowry Rips Baby Daddy For Demanding Child Support: ‘It's Out Of Spite!’

Kailyn Lowry Rips Baby Daddy For Demanding Child Support: ‘It's Out Of Spite!’
Source: radaronline.com

Kailyn Lowry and her former husband Javi Marroquin are feuding once again after for a while it looked like they had made peace. On the latest episode of Teen Mom, Lowry slammed the man for asking her to pay child support.

Marroquin explained to a pal that his intention is not to rob her of vast sums of money but that he wants what’s best for Lincoln and his tuition is so expensive it’s difficult for the man to pay it all by himself.

He even claimed he’s willing to compromise and accept whatever amount she’s willing to pay.

As expected, Lowry was not at all happy with his petition and slammed him on the show.

‘Javi basically is asking for child support. I always knew he had it in his back pocket, but I did not think he ever would actually file. I should provide health insurance for Lincoln, which he gets through work. I  already pay for his school tuition. You have free childcare with your parents living with you and you have medical through your work. What exactly do you need the child support for?’ the reality TV star complained, adding that Javi mentioned it was for a savings account, when in fact she thinks he’s doing this out of spite.

What do you think? Does Javi really need the money or did he file his petition just for revenge?

Teen Mom airs every Monday on MTV.


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