Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Might Get An Induction For Baby No. 4 And Asks Her Fans For Advice!

Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Might Get An Induction For Baby No. 4 And Asks Her Fans For Advice!
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Amid the coronavirus, COVID-19 quarantine, Kailyn Lowry is getting ready to welcome her fourth addition to the family, another son, and he might be here even sooner than expected! The Teen Mom star took to social media to tell her followers that her doctor is urging her to get an induction and asked for some advice from women who have experienced that before on what to do.

Kailyn is conflicted about what to do when it comes to her fourth birth and she wants to hear opinions.

After all, while she is already a mother of three, she’s always had pretty easy labors and deliveries and this would be the first time to go for another option than totally natural.

Obviously, if it’s medically recommended due to the mother or fetus being in danger, there is nothing wrong with induction births but as it seems, some of her followers, including some who work in the medical field, seemed to think Kailyn’s doctor was suggesting that just for the sake of their own schedule!

While that is not known for sure at this point, people were free to assume since Kailyn did not go into any details regarding why the medical specialist was pushing her to get an induction.

Since she might go through a birth unlike any of her previous ones, it’s natural that the reality TV star is so worried and curious to know more before she takes a decision.

Kailyn took to her Twitter account to reach for some guidance and, as mentioned before, she got plenty so she should have a better understanding of what she might be getting herself into now.

The post was also pretty cute since she posted a pic of a plush toy and a sonogram that showed two tiny fetus feet.

Alongside the picture, the pregnant Teen Mom star wrote: ‘little feet. New doctor is pushing for induction. I’ve never been induced and had smooth labor and deliveries. Experiences??’

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