Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Is Not Broken Up With Baby Daddy Chris Lopez

Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Is Not Broken Up With Baby Daddy Chris Lopez
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The reality TV star revealed that their son has managed to bring them back together! Kailyn Lowry claims that she and baby daddy Chris Lopez are an item once again!

As fans of Teen Mom certainly remember, after Lowry found herself pregnant for the third time, she also realized she was all alone.

Following their breakup shortly after they learned about the pregnancy, Lowry had no choice but go through it all by herself as Chris Lopez wanted nothing to do with her or with his baby.

However, it looks like everything worked out somehow and Kailyn told us all about how their newborn son brought them back together.

‘Our relationship is so weird. I do not necessarily think we are not together,’ the 25-year-old mother of three stated.

Despite the fact that Kailyn was unsure of how much Chris would be involved in his son’s life, the Teen Mom star says she was surprised to see how well he adapted to his parenting role after welcoming baby Lo.

‘When he has the baby he does a really good job. He is very hands-on when he’s with him. I tell him all the time that I am shocked and impressed. It is not really what I expected. I never knew him around babies.’

But while everything seems to be going really well for their small and happy family, because the parents are not living together they are still figuring out his visitation schedule.

While Jo Rivera, her first baby daddy filed for 50/50 custody of son Isaac and Javi Marroquin filed for child support for Lincoln, Lowry thinks her relationship with Lopez is a lot different and believes they do not need to go to court in order to figure out a co-parenting solution.

Lowry and Lopez are yet to reveal the name of their son born in August.

When she was still pregnant, the Teen Mom star was worried Lopez wouldn’t be involved at all in his son’s life, but he proved her wrong.

Are you surprised the man came around?


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