Kailyn Lowry Mom-Shamed For Youngest Son's Long Hair - ‘Who Is That Little Girl?’

Kailyn Lowry Mom-Shamed For Youngest Son's Long Hair - ‘Who Is That Little Girl?’
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The mother of three was mom-shamed by haters on social media once again! This time, the trolls made it very clear that they do not like that she let her youngest son, Lux’s hair grow out.

This is definitely not the first time they mock the toddler’s long locks as they always have something to say about it every time Kailyn Lowry posts a pic that features the boy.

It seems really out of place that people are still so outraged by a boy with long hair, but it looks like even though 2019 is right around the corner, that is still very much a reality.

Yesterday, the Teen Mom star took to her platform of choice, Instagram, to post a snap featuring her three sons opening up Christmas presents and instead of positive comments, the response was pretty rude.

The followers had nothing to say about Lincoln, 5 and Isaac, 8, but slammed the mother of three for not cutting her youngest’s hair, accusing her of wanting him to be a girl and more.

Some comments read: ‘Cut that boy’s hair. If u want a girl have one but let that boy’s hair go.. Why u always putting it in a ponytail ?? / You should cover your daughter’s chest.’

The second one referred to the fact that the one-year-old was only wearing pajama pants, but no top.

Lowry is yet to clap back this time, but she definitely did not hold back at all in the past.

‘I don’t tell people to tape your mouth shut cause you’re ignorant. Don’t tell me what to do with my children. I’ll cut it when he tells me he wants to cut it. But you can mind your own business,’ she previously responded to the haters.

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