Kailyn Lowry Finally Picks Name For Newborn Son One Month After Birth

Kailyn Lowry Finally Picks Name For Newborn Son One Month After Birth
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The reality TV star and mother of three boys stated that she went with her top choice in the end. According to new reports, Kailyn Lowry’s baby with Chris Lopez may just finally have a name!

Apparently, she and her close pal Bone Estrada went to the hospital in order to name the newest addition to the family everyone has been calling Baby Lo.

However, that doesn’t mean everything was already settled.

In fact, Lowry still didn’t know what to call him.

She took to social media to announce her followers that she was just as undecided and that she and her friend were going through the ‘names on the wall’ of the men the hospital has honored.

But as she read more and more of the names, she realized they were all too ‘basic.’

Despite the fact that Bone wanted her friend to name her baby Benji, Lowry decided she should let the nurses do the honors instead.

‘We had all the nurses put the potential names in a bag and had a nurse pick one, and my top choice was picked. Bone’s pissed. She wanted to name him Benji and it did not get picked,’ Lowry explained.

That’s great! It means we finally know the name!

Well, not really, at least not yet.

The Teen Mom star later tweeted that she wants to first customize it on a blanket and then share it with her followers.

Kailyn Lowry has been struggling to pick a name for her third baby boy for the past month.

What do you think Baby Lo’s name is?


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