Kailyn Lowry - Did The Teen Mom Star Just Confirm She's Back Together With Chris Lopez?

Kailyn Lowry - Did The Teen Mom Star Just Confirm She's Back Together With Chris Lopez?
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It looks like Kailyn Lowry may be in a happy relationship with her third baby daddy! In fact, the Teen Mom star has actually hinted that she and Chris Lopez were back together when she told HollywoodLife in a previous interview that she was dating somebody from her past!

Now, the reality TV star finally confirmed that Chris is back in her life. Or did she?

While a guest on Us Weekly‘s new ‘Watch With Us’ podcast yesterday, Kailyn opened up about her love life but tried to be as secretive as possible since more things about her relationship will be revealed in the upcoming season of the popular show.

No spoilers until January 14 when season 9 premiers!

She did, however, mention that ‘I don’t go out on dates or date new people ever,’ before she went on to joke that she and Chris Lopez were tying the knot ‘next month!’

Jokes aside, she went on to say: ‘I mean, Chris and I are always together even when we are not together. If that makes sense. Do not be surprised if you see a wedding in the tabloids next month!’

Okay, now her fans are very confused – is she suggesting they are a couple but can’t say it directly for the sake of the show’s storyline?

Or maybe she’s tired of people assuming he is the one person from her past she is dating?

Judging by the fact that she talks about him with much fondness and keeps saying things like 'Chris is a huge part of my life,’ chances are it’s the first option!

Still, the reality TV star made it very clear that Chris is not a fan of being on TV so fans of Teen Mom may not see him on the show much at all!


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