Kailyn Lowry Confesses She Did Not 'Connect' With Her Firstborn Isaac - Talks Postpartum Depression

Kailyn Lowry Confesses She Did Not 'Connect' With Her Firstborn Isaac - Talks Postpartum Depression
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The Teen Mom star revealed that she did not feel like she was able to connect with her first son, Isaac soon after he was born. Kailyn Lowry admitted that she didn’t even cry from happiness after giving birth.

It is safe to say that, back in 2010, when Kailyn welcomed her firstborn at the age of only 17, she was not in the best place in life.

Now, nine years later, the reality TV star and mom of three boys, opened up about the fact that she could not bond with Issac at the time and suffered from postpartum depression.

While on her Coffee Convos podcast with Lindsie Chrisley, Lowry got candid about her personal experience, saying that ‘I didn’t feel a connection with Isaac right away. I didn’t cry when he was born. I think I was just so tired and there were 13 people in the delivery room. It was camera crews and family and friends and all the nurses. It was just so draining and I couldn’t nurse the way that I wanted to. I didn’t even deliver at the hospital I wanted to.’

And that was not all! In the end, she actually felt really alone since ‘Nobody stayed in the hospital with me, at all. From the time I gave birth until we went home.’

At the time, she and her mother were estranged precisely because of the teen pregnancy.

Kailyn was living with her boyfriend Jonathan ‘Jo’ Rivera and his family when baby Isaac was born.

‘There were so many things so by the time Jo’s mom picked me up from the hospital to take me home, she was like, ‘Are you ready to go home?’ and I was like, ‘No.’ Because I wouldn’t have the nurses to help me. I was so disconnected,’ Lowry shared on the podcast.

She had severe fatigue after having him, something that did not happen after her other two births, and she’d fall asleep on the floor of Isaac’s nursery.

Kailyn also mentioned that, while she did not get any medication and didn’t go for a check-up, looking back, she probably had ‘some degree’ of postpartum depression.

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