Kailyn Lowry Calls Rebecca Hayter Her 'Baby Daddy' But Remains Coy About True Identity Of Third Baby's Father

Kailyn Lowry Calls Rebecca Hayter Her 'Baby Daddy' But Remains Coy About True Identity Of Third Baby's Father
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Kailyn Lowry will be getting Rebecca Hayter's help raising her baby as she continues to play coy about the mysterious man who impregnated her.

"Teen Mom 2" star Lowry sure knows how to mess with her fans heads. She recently took to Twitter and told them that her baby daddy is none other than her alleged ex-girlfriend Hayter.

There is a big possibility that Lowry claimed Hayter is her "baby daddy" because she has been helping her around the house as she prepares for the arrival of her bundle of joy.

On social media, the reality star revealed that during the Easter holiday, her best friend, Hayter, worked long hours to set up her unborn child’s nursery.

In a tweet, the mom of two said: “Can’t wait for Becky to come help me finish the nursery. I’m so anxious!”

It appears that Hayter did an excellent job because Lowry wrote later on: "So happy with the nursery color."

In a series of Snapchat updates, the 25-year-old revealed that she had another former lover working on the nursery, but he did not impress the mom-to-be.

Lowry's producer and rumored former fling, JC Cueva, was seen with a tool belt adding curtains and other finishing touches to the nursery. Not happy with the result, the author used the caption to complain about the crib and the decor.

She wrote: "We are trying over here. Hand me downs from the boys.Looking like a boy nursery instead of gender neutral."

At this rate, do not be surprised to see Lowry's potential baby daddies and friends - Tyler Hill and Chris Lopez - doing chores around the home.

In an interview with Cupcake Mag, despite being a single mom, Lowry confessed that she never hesitated to keep the baby after learning she was pregnant.

She explained: “I think realizing the choice was almost being taken away from me made me realize I definitely wanted one more little one.”

Who do you think the baby's father is?

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