Kailyn Lowry And Chris Lopez Are Not Committed - She Says It’s ‘So Back And Forth’

Kailyn Lowry And Chris Lopez Are Not Committed - She Says It’s ‘So Back And Forth’
Credit: Source: radaronline.com

Amid rumors that she and Chris Lopez are back together, Kailyn Lowry admitted during a new interview with HollywoodLife that her love life is not exactly stable. Apparently, she and whoever the Teen Mom star is seeing are very hot and cold these days which is why she would rather keep a lot of details about it to herself.

Kailyn and her significant other are still figuring things out, and she wants to avoid the public drama so the mother of three sons is determined to keep the whole thing under wraps at least until the relationship becomes more committed.

‘I guess because I’m not in any relationship now, my ‘dating’ life is so back and forth, and I don’t want to put it out there for everyone to judge and for my kids to see. Definitely not dating anyone new though,’ Lowry told the outlet.

So it sounds like while the rumors she is back together with Chris Lopez, her third baby daddy, are not entirely debunked, the two are not serious at this time.

What the reality TV star did say for sure before was that she is ‘absolutely not’ pregnant with baby number four.

At least this is what she claimed on her Instagram account when one fan asked her.

Aside from denying the pregnancy speculations, however, Kailyn has been very cryptic about her love life and relationship status nowadays, leaving her fans guessing.

But since she mentioned during another interview with the news outlet that she was dating someone from her past, it makes sense people assumed it was Chris because he is the only one who fits the bill.


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