Kaia Gerber Wishes Cara Delevingne A Happy Birthday And Shows Off Their Matching 'Solemate' Foot Tattoos

Kaia Gerber Wishes Cara Delevingne A Happy Birthday And Shows Off Their Matching 'Solemate' Foot Tattoos
Credit: Source: Kaia Gerber/Getty/Instagram

Kaia Gerber fueled rumors that she and Cara Delevingne were a couple but now, on the model's 28th birthday , she has all but confirmed it. Sharing photos and a video to her official Instagram account, where she has 5.7 million followers. Kaia spent Cara's birthday with her and she showed off matching "Solemate" tattoos that both models have on their feet. Fans quickly remembered that when Caia and Ashley Benson were together, they too had matching tattoos.

Kaia shared a photo that sparked rumors when she and Caia attended a Black Lives Matter rally together. Kaia shared the photo on her Instagram story and captioned it with, "the best protest buddy."

You may see the photo that Kaia shared where the 18-year-old snuggled up against Cara below.

Cara even wore a sweatshirt with Kaia's face and name on it, showing how close the two women are. Cara stuck out her tongue and posed for the camera showing off the ode to Kaia.

Kaia and Cara both shared the same photo on their Instagram stories where the two had interlocked their toes while holding hands. Kaia wrote, "Happy Birthday to my solemate" and hashtagged Cara in the photo.

Kaia shared a second photo where the two had matching tattoos that read, "Solemate." Still, no one knows for sure if the two are just extremely close friends or are in a relationship. Cara Delevingne is also very close to Andie MacDowell's daughters, Margaret and Rainey Qualley. Before the rumors surrounding Cara and Kaia, they focused on both Margaret and Rainey.

Cara hasn't publicly spoken about her personal dating life since her split from Ashley Benson who moved on with G-Eazy.

Kaia also shared a video of herself dancing with Cara and captioned the video with, "Coolest guys at the function."

While neither Cara nor Kaia have stated they're a couple, many people believe they are together.

What do you think? Do you believe that Kaia and Cara are just friends or do you think they are a couple?

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