Kaia Gerber Slays In New Louis Vuitton Ads

Kaia Gerber Slays In New Louis Vuitton Ads
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Kaia Gerber slays in new Louis Vuitton ads where the 18-year-old model is posing with the Twist bag. A modern spin on the classic leather purse, Kaia poses in many shots that are appearing in online campaigns, as well as in print. Open up any fashion magazine and you're likely to see Kaia posing in gorgeous Vuitton outfits while carrying the purse. While Kaia has been the focus of much news speculation since dating and calling it quits with Pete Davidson, her modeling career continues to thrive. Kaia is a top model and thought she inherited her mother's genes, she has made her own way in the modeling industry.

In one ad for the Louis Vuitton Twist purse, you can see Kaia as she is posed outside, with her head resting on her hand. Her hair is parted on the side and slicked straight. When Kaia began modeling her hair was longer and she looked nearly identical to her mother who, throughout the 80s and 90s, always wore her hair long. Kaia has been wearing shorter bobs and has kept her hair chin-length for quite some time.

Louis Vuitton is known for elaborate prints, bold designs, and clothes that make use of patterns and textures. In the photo below you may see as Kaia poses in a maroon top with a multi-colored sequined vest while carrying the Twist bag in white leather.

The Twist bags range in price based on the leather used. Some of the bags go for approximately $3200 while others cost over $25,000 such as the Twist MM bag that is made from Crocidilien leather.

Several other photos of Kaia in Louis Vuitton are going viral on social media. Most of the photos feature Kaia with a side part in her hair and natural-toned makeup.

In the first photo below, Kaia Gerber is posing with the Twist and the Twisty. The two purses consist of the full-sized Twist and the Twisty wallet. They can be attached together or carried separately. The Twisty and the Twist are always in contrasting colors.

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