Kaia Gerber Is Rocking Waist-Length Extensions As Model Prepares For The New Year

Kaia Gerber Is Rocking Waist-Length Extensions As Model Prepares For The New Year
Credit: Source: Kaia Gerber/Instagram

Kaia Gerber spent 2020 with short hair but she's closing out the year with long wavy hair. Kaia first showcased her hair extensions on Instagram, where the 19-year-old supermodel has six million followers. Fans have loved Kaia's look and often remark at how much she looks like her supermodel mother, Cindy Crawford. Over the past few years, Kaia changed up her look and cropped her hair very short. Some thought it may have been a way for Kaia to differentiate herself from her mother as when she first hit the modeling scene, she was continually being compared to her famous mom who always wore her hair shoulder length or longer.

In 2016, Kaia Gerber and her mother Cindy Crawford posed on the cover of Vogue Paris for a mother, daughter look-alike photoshoot. You may see that photo below.

Source: Vogue Paris

Kaia has been changing up her hair lately including going blonde and even sporting a pink hairdo back in August.

Source: Kaia Gerber/Instagram

People were surprised to see Kaia sporting her longer locks. She didn't credit the hairstylist who gave her the extensions but did hashtag Yves Saint Laurent for the photoshoot. It's apparent that Kaia is sporting the look for a recent modeling campaign, but she was also spotted out and about in Los Angeles with her waist-length hair so it appears she likes the look regardless of whether the reason for the change was a personal or professional one.

Kaia's followers loved the look and her photo slideshow has over 260,000 likes with more than 700 comments from fans saying they love her hair.

You may see the photo that Kaia Gerber shared on Instagram below.

Source: Kaia Gerber/Instagram

In the second photo that Kaia shared, she turned her head to the side and revealed the full length of her new hair extensions. Her hair looked completely natural and if you were to see Kaia for the first time, you wouldn't know she had extensions!

What do you think about Kaia Gerber's new hairstyle? Do you like her hair waist-length or in her shorter bob?

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