Kaia Gerber And Pete Davidson Are The Real Deal: Report

Kaia Gerber And Pete Davidson Are The Real Deal: Report
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Things between Kaia Gerber and Pete Davidson are going well, as the two were just spotted together once again in Miami, this time caressing and kissing each other, and sharing some beautiful moments.

It did seem like they were pleased to be in each other’s embrace, and the picture has drawn lots of comments from multiple sides, with many of their fans claiming that they should be even more open and active about their relationship on the public front.

However, they seem to be enjoying the air of privacy they have created around themselves for now, and do not seem to have any intention of becoming more open anytime soon.

The little that supporters do see on the public front seems to be more than enough for the couple to maintain the active interest of their followers, and in the end, that is probably all that matters to them right now.

Other than that, fans have been hearing various exciting reports about the situation between them, but nothing more concrete has come out so far.

It is also interesting to note that Gerber was recently surrounded by rumors indicating that she might be pursuing a different relationship, but that does not seem to be the case so far.

She has given various indications that she isstill very much in love with Davidson, and has no plans of looking elsewhere for the time being. Whether that will remain the case, in the long run, is hard to tell, of course.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and said that the Saturday Night Live star is smitten and added: “Pete’s very proud to be dating Kaia; he beams when anyone mentions it. He’s in awe of how beautiful she is, and he loves how funny she is. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is a tomboy. Kaia’s also very sweet to him — encouraging and supportive. Pete feels like he’s hit the jackpot with Kaia, she’s his dream girl.”

The family friend claimed: "He knows how that puts him in a bad light when he starts dating someone new. He has been very fortunate to date high profile women, and he is trying to find his one. Let’s not forget he wanted to get married to Ariana [Grande].”

The insider continued with: “He is a guy who likes to commit, and when it comes to Kaia, sure there aren’t wedding bells ringing, but he is treating it as something very important, and he has her feelings at heart. He is enjoying being with her, and he looking forward to it all to continue because he likes her. He sees her as someone special.”

The two lovebirds might make it work after all.

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