Kacey Musgraves And Taylor Swift - Fans Beg For A Duet - Would Kacey Collab With Taylor?

Kacey Musgraves And Taylor Swift - Fans Beg For A Duet - Would Kacey Collab With Taylor?
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Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves collabing? Fans seem to think it would be an amazing thing for their senses to experience! Ever since the two stars appeared at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last month, everyone’s been hoping that they would work together.

Now, while at Variety’s Power of Women, HollywoodLife chatted with Kacey and asked her what she thinks of a collab with Taylor Swift.

Kacey, who was one of the five women honored at the event, dished while on the red carpet: I am interested with collaborating with pretty much anybody — anything that feels good. I am down for whatever. I think she’s a great songwriter, so why not?!’

In other words, this is great news for the fans who have been wishing to see a collab between the huge artists.

Since they are both so big in the music industry, there is no doubt that whatever they decide to create together will be an instant hit.

People started dreaming about a duet between the two back in March when they were both at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

What happened was that, since Taylor was wearing a pair of butterfly heels and Kacey has a song titled Butterflies, fans started suspecting Taylor would join the country star onstage to perform it together.

Instead, Kacey performed Rainbow and it was not Swift who climbed on stage by her side but Chris Martin.

But once the idea of a collaboration between them surfaced, there was no turning back!

And since Swift has been working on her seventh album, maybe they will get to see their wish come true if she includes Kacey on a song or two.

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