K. Michelle Talks About Being In Between A Rock And A Hard Place: R. Kelly Taught Her Everything She Knows But Is A Sick Man

K. Michelle Talks About Being In Between A Rock And A Hard Place: R. Kelly Taught Her Everything She Knows But Is A Sick Man
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The walls have finally closed in on R. Kelly as he was recently arrested for four cases of alleged sexual abuse. While most spectators and colleagues are hoping that the artist rots in jail, K. Michelle is playing devil's advocate since she knows him personally.

The 'Love and Hip Hop' star has referred to R. Kelly as her mentor before but it was speculated that they were romantically involved. She even named him in her single 'Build a Man.'

The two have worked on music and toured together. Last night, she took to Twitter to give her two cents about the scandal going on with her former voice trainer.

"Right is right and wrong is wrong. When I was abused an abuser saved me. My heart will always be heavy for some1 who saved my life, even if they destroyed others."

Her honesty didn't stop there.

"To be standing in the booth recording watching while the man who taught me how is turning himself in, really brought me to my feet tonight. The sickness of this man is just that a sickness&disease. If i had a pill to cure i would pay what i could to heal him. The industry told me I was nothing he told me I was everything N the same breathe his actions showed me nothing. He taught me music. Not self respect but music."


She went on to clarify that she sympathizes with R. Kelly but also believes the victims.

"Im a survivor of abuse. I tried 2tell my story 2help women and watched as U all told me 2get over it  and called me a liar. I have never recovered from your hate towards me. Victims deserve their rights and survivors deserve to live their life but no one ever talks about the in between. My heart goes out to these ladies and everyone involved in this situation it's heartbreaking for everyone."

She ended her sentiments with: "I’m not that type woman. I can’t spew venom and kick someone while they are already down, but I’ll never be that friend that doesn’t tell you the TRUTH about yourself."

What do you think about what K. Michelle said?

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  • Charlene Younger
    Charlene Younger Feb 25, 2019 5:01 PM PST

    I feel the same way as K. Michelle....he is a sick and diseased man....he needs help big time and only God can help him......I don't believe he is all bad, but who are we to judge him....we are not GOD. Black people have swept things under the rug long enough....their is no hiding now....

  • Gloria Snooks
    Gloria Snooks Feb 23, 2019 9:21 PM PST

    I personally appreciate Ms. K Michelle's comment as well as her honesty. And we must remember that hurt people hurt people R. Kelly needs help and all those people who sat by or participated with him they need to go to jail with him. IJS.

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