K. Michelle Shares Her Thoughts On Rasheeda Frost Accepting Her Husband's Love Child

K. Michelle Shares Her Thoughts On Rasheeda Frost Accepting Her Husband's Love Child
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A lot went down on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta last night, and Rasheeda Frost is the one catching heat from all ends and to the surprise of many her nemesis, K. Michelle, has opted to weigh in on the drama.

Rasheeda decided on the new season of the reality show to finally accept Kannon -- the son her husband, Kirk Frost, shares with his ex side chick, Jasmine Washington.

Things went south very quick after Rasheeda made some comments about the fact that Jasmine is not the best mother in the world because Kannon is still wearing pull-ups.

Jasmine went after Rasheeda for insulting her: "I was going to hold my tongue, but that really wouldn't be me, so here goes. First of all, anyone who thinks this is a fake storyline because what's her name said so is an idiot. I'm not too fond of my mothering skills being put into question by those that aren't even really in the picture beside when it's time to film or when it's convenient for you."

She went on to say: "If you're that concerned about him being potty trained, where he's at, etc., you'd think they would be trying to put in some time and effort to help me as a first-time mom. Instead, he hasn't been over there since before Xmas. They live right around the corner from me. Right after that scene, I asked what time they could drop him back off."

K. Michelle said she applauds Rasheeda because she would not be able to welcome a stranger's child in her life.

One fan stated: "I'm confused to why she thought it was so horrible for him not to be potty trained at barely 2...what age group do she think pull-ups are for."

Another supporter wrote: "20 years of marriage.......its going to be mistakes made. We as women are usually very quick to say fuck the innocent child, understandably out of hurt BUT....... This is exactly how a mature woman should handle a situation. Work it out! Don't accept a man constantly cheating and making babies outside your marriage ....but weigh your options, take a good look at your past and if your future can be happy again......give your future a shot."

K. Michelle is always firm in her opinions.


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