K. Michelle Gets Bashed On Social Media For Telling Her 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Co-Stars, Moniece Slaughter And Apryl Jones, This

K. Michelle Gets Bashed On Social Media For Telling Her 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Co-Stars, Moniece Slaughter And Apryl Jones, This
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While it is no secret that K. Michelle likes to talk about people behind their backs, she seems to have crossed the line lately, as a recent episode showed her talking down about her fellow cast members -- Moniece Slaughter and Apryl Jones.

Michelle specifically talked about the struggles the two had gone through over the years. She mocked “their struggling singing career and skills.”

It did not take long before fans of the show took to social media to trash her left and right about her words.

Many were quite harsh with their attacks as well, claiming that Michelle was “nobody’s friend,” and noting that she was a very toxic and miserable person.

Some added that she was not as good as a friend either, and has not shown any positive qualities about herself in general so far.

One person said: “K. Michelle is on the same platform/show as moniece and April...all I’m saying is focus on yourself because your career isn’t NVM #LHHH.”

Another commenter stated: “Ok... K Michelle, everybody knows you can sing your butt off...BUT you out here clowning Moniece and Apryl about their singing u talking down on them saying who can take them serious but yet you want so badly for them to accept and take YOU serious in country #LHHH.”

And while Michelle, of course, did not respond to any of those attacks, they went quite far, with many claiming that the R&B diva was getting exactly what she deserved in the whole ordeal.

Knowing Michelle, though, it is very unlikely that this will change anything about her attitude.

The reality TV star has made it clear that she doe not care too much about what people think of her, and in fact, she seems even to enjoy the negative attention she gets from time to time.

In the end, it is entirely possible that fans will be treated to another similar tirade not too long from now. It would be entirely in her style to do so, especially given recent trends.

The R&B singer recently sat down on V-103’s Morning Culture where she talked about her ex, Mickey “Memphitz” Wright, and made some controversial comments about men.

She said: “I don’t think men are good people. The reason for that is like, for men to do things that they consider small – in the flesh of, like, cheating – you know that that’s gonna destroy your partner. But you do it anyway. That’s not a mistake. We’ve watched the same story over and over again.”

Michelle seems to have a lot of concerns about men.

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