K. Michelle Calls The Surrogate For Her Twin Babies A Clown And Explains Why She Will Follow The Kandi Burruss And Kim Kardashian Route

K. Michelle Calls The Surrogate For Her Twin Babies A Clown And Explains Why She Will Follow The Kandi Burruss And Kim Kardashian Route
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K. Michelle is currently doing a promotional tour to promote her latest album, All Monsters Are Humans .

The reality TV star and talented singer sat down for a chit-chat with Madame Noire , and she got personal by talking about her romance with Dr. Kasten Sims and her surgeries and healing process.

The reporter also asked K. Michelle if she still plans to use the surrogate named Tannae she met at an IKEA store.

The Love and Hip Hop star did not hold back and called the surrogate a clown and backstabber, who is out to ruin her reputation for 500 dollars.

She stated: "Oh, hell no. I'm not using that clown. Let me ask you something. If you have nothing, right? Nothing. Somebody has paid for your children's everything. Your children's birthday parties since they've been on earth. I met this woman in Ikea. Someone that you call even for gas money. They help you — because I always end up helping somebody. Then they put you on TV, and you go behind my back and sign a Love and Hip Hop contract. They use it as bargaining power against me, thinking, we have your story, you have to sign up. Well, as long as ain't no eggs in her, you ain't never got my story! You'll never back me into a corner. But the fact that that was even tried for something so serious as a child's life, you get what I'm saying? That's really bad. So you do this behind my back after I help you, then you negotiate a contract of only $500. If you had went through me, you know how much money I could have got you? For you and those babies to appear on that show? I would have tried to get each baby at least three to $5,000 a pop. But you went behind my back. You did that, and I let it go. I'm still praying on it."

She added: "You're blowing up the network over $500 and calling all of my producers and everything, embarrassing me and these relationships that I've built all of these years for $500. I know $500 is a lot to some people, but you got yourself in this situation. I'm not your mother. I don't have to take care of you. I offered you an opportunity, to give you a lump sum of money to take care of your kids, and you know what you did? You let a ni—a walk you out — they not even married. You know this is my first time talking on it, so that's why I'm so passionate. I've never said nothin' about it. So the dude, asking me for a contract like he got a uterus! Why are you even in this? The psychiatrist says, "She's fine, but him? He's going to be a problem." What type of b—h is he? So he's a problem. So I decide, I'm not going to do this, and you get on YouTube and make a whole YouTube about me, but thank God I've never told you one piece of business about me, so it didn't go far. But he's doing all the talking. He still got dreams of being a rapper, one of those types of ni–as. What are you gon' take the money I'm giving, this big ol' lump sum of money that you ain't never seen? That could have been something for some kids. But sometimes we be so stupid just clout chasing. You just f–ked up with me, and now I'm not buying a barrette. So now I want a surrogate who doesn't know not one K. Michelle song. "

She concluded by saying that she will do like Kandi Burruss and Kim Kardashian and use an agency to have her babies.

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