K. Michelle Bashed Nicole Murphy For Kissing A Married Man In This Wild Video

K. Michelle Bashed Nicole Murphy For Kissing A Married Man In This Wild Video
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K. Michelle has a thing or two to say about the situation with Nicole Murphy and the peculiar kiss that she exchanged with the very married Antoine Fuqua.

According to Michelle, Murphy knew exactly what she was doing, and she had no remorse at all about her actions -- in fact, she was allegedly trying to use the situation with Fuqua to boost her popularity.

And while the statements have been met with many controversial responses by fans of the singer, some have been more agreeing with her.

Murphy has tried to apologize about the situation on the Wendy Williams show and claimed that this was a colossal mistake that she wanted to correct.

Murphy said this to Williams: “It was a frozen-in-time thing. Trust me, and I wish it didn’t happen. It was a moment where I should’ve thought more through the situation. Make better judgments. It’s something I apologized for.”

Michelle was not the first to accuse Murphy of being dishonest with her apology, and many of her followers did not seem to agree with her statements at all.

However, some have expressed support for Murphy, alleging that she might not indeed have meant to do what she did. However, Michelle is having none of that.

She pointed out how Murphy sat down and laughed, showing no remorse or shame about what she had done.

Michelle explained: “Nicole Murphy, you’re disgusting. You sat on that couch, and you laughed. It is not any moment; it’s a mess. You wrong for that. You the type of woman that lets these men be evil. They have to have some help, and women like you are that type of help. That lady’s at home, married with her kids, and you know this. It [doesn’t] matter what he told you. Men lie. That’s all they do.”

She continued: “You sat up there and embarrassed another Black [woman] in front of the world. You should be under a rock hiding, girl. You [were] still up there lying and [you’re] laughing, and you do it to a lot of people. You have a daughter, ma’am.”

Still, it is possible that Murphy was feeling uncomfortable and awkward over the whole situation and did not want to make things worse.

Whatever the case is, the truth may never really surface, given the sensitive nature of the situation and the developments between the two.

Michelle, in particular, seems to be on a crusade right now, so it is probably not wise to go up against her.

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