K Michelle And Tamar Braxton Are Still Fighting Over Butt Implants - Will They Ever Cut It Out?

K Michelle And Tamar Braxton Are Still Fighting Over Butt Implants - Will They Ever Cut It Out?
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In 2015, K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton seemingly ended their long-winded bad blood when they both partnered in the honoring of the legendary, Patti LaBelle. However, it appears as though the two reality stars are at it again, except this time, over surgery, notably, butt implants.

During Braxton's appearance on Steve Harvey's The Steve Harvey Show, the host told the singer that K Michelle was on the show and was very candid about getting butt implants. She wound up having to have them removed because they were making her sick.

Michelle admitted there were multiple complications as a result of the surgery, making her question if she should've bothered with them in the first place.

Tamar had words of wisdom for K Michelle, she explained that if a person is to go under the knife, especially for something as serious as surgery, a top-grade surgeon is crucial.

Tamar joked, "but you can't be thinking you're going to go ahead and have plastic surgery on the Groupon." Surgery is meant to be done by professionals, not by someone who's doing it "on sale."

K Michelle got really upset over Tamar's comments. She took to Twitter to slam Tamar's surgery in a post you can see above:

Michelle calls her an "ugly a*s milk dud," and claims her "left nostril" is a broke joke and is still doing the "gangsta lean." While her comments were mean, one can't help but laugh at her remark that Tamar's nose is doing the "gangster lean."

Additionally, Harvey explained on his show that Anna Faris admitted she got surgery and didn't regret it at all. Harvey claims she said it was "awesome."

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