K Michelle Addresses Tamar Braxton Feud And Social Media 'Devils'

K Michelle Addresses Tamar Braxton Feud And Social Media 'Devils'
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K. Michelle had a lot on her mind after her feud with Tamar Braxton made it to the headlines again this past week. Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from K. Michelle today in which the reality star said she didn't want anything to do with her "muppet" self.

During an Instagram Live session, K. Michelle laid out her true opinion for all to hear after Tamar Braxton appeared on TS Madison's series. She was asked if she would ever do a "face-off" with K. Michelle, and Tamar didn't say anything.

In other words, it looked like Tamar's answer was clearly "no." Not long after, K. Michelle hopped on her Instagram Live to express her thoughts on Tamar Braxton's lack of comment.

Michelle, in summary, claimed she didn't care what people had to say, and she accused all of the people who are "throwing shade" to be the "devil" who are just trying to take her off her pedestal.

Furthermore, Michelle went on to say that Tamar was guilty of sleeping with a married man. The reality star said Tamar was sleeping with Jermaine Dupri's "daddy." She added, "I don't f*ck married men. Hmmm...but you so holy."

Earlier this year, K. Michelle was in the headlines once again regarding Blac Chyna. Michelle, during an appearence on Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood, learned that Blac Chyna was going to move into a career in music.

The reality star joked that the music industry was the only place in the entertainment world where a person could get a record deal and start a successful career without even doing an audition. Michelle went on to accuse Blac Chyna of falling back on a career in music because the "d*ck sucking" didn't work for her like she thought it would.

The response to her comments on social media was varied, with some people praising her "shady and real" tone. While others accused her of being a hater and offering nothing special of her own.

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